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Mad Dog Froth & Foam

good time
The Spartan tour for all you beer warriors. 

Group Size:
4 to 40 guests

Tour Duration:
7 hours approx

Pricing From:
Only $155

Best Suited To:

Party groups that may get a bit rowdy by the end of the day. Groups that are more interested in a day out with mates rather than hearing someone crap on about the brewing process.  


  • Tastings at 4 beer venues
  • Lunch + drink @ Four Pines at The Farm 
  • Option to visit a vodka/gin distillery
  • Option to visit a whiskey distillery 
  • Option to tour a brewery
(depending on group size we may ditch the distillery tasting and put a tab on the bar so the lads can order whatever they like and roam around the property) 


  • Vehicle & friendly driver
  • Pickup & return to your accommodation (within 20mins Pokolbin)
  • Play your own music [BYO speaker]
  • We choose the venues
  • Everything arranged for you so all you need to do is get on the bus!
Hunter Valley Brewery Tours

Lunch Options:

Four Pines at The Farm 
Tour group menu that includes a drink. Atmosphere and a view. Hands down the best lunch venue for this tour. (menu)

Choose Your Own Restaurant
If you’d like to not be restricted to a set menu you can choose from the excellent selection of lunch options available. In this case we take $25 off the per person price of the tour and you pay for your lunch on the day. We’ll make the booking for you.

Other Options:

Swap a Brewery for a Vodka/Gin Distillery
Keen on more beer? No drama. Swap the distillery for another brewery.

Tour of a Brewery (+$9pp)
Want an insider’s view on how the sacred yellow liquid is created? Just add it during the booking process.

Swap a Brewery for a Whiskey Distillery (+$20pp)
Check out the Hunter’s newest Whiskey selections at Hope Estate. 

Party Bus

Min 15 guests required. Party bus tours run to a different schedule and are arranged through our friends at Damien’s Party Entertainment. See party bus wine tours here.

Notes on Booking:



Pickup Time
The default first venue time is 10am. Your pickup time is determined by how long it takes to get from your pickup location to the first venue. If you’re 30 mins away from the valley your pickup time is 9:30am so you arrive at the first venue by 10am.

Number of Guests:
When you make the booking just choose the number of people you think will be attending. You are NOT locked into paying for that number if less people confirm but please note that less people can mean a higher per-person price.


Group of 4 $315.00 (per person)
Group of 5 $295.00 (per person)
Group of 6 $245.00 (per person)
Group of 7 $235.00 (per person)
Group of 8-10 $217.00 (per person)
Group of 11-13 $195.00 (per person)
Group from 14-19 $185.00 (per person)
Group from 20-25 $175.00 (per person)
Group from 26 to 40 $165.00 (per person)


Only $250 is required to book. Please understand that your deposit is NOT refundable so only make a booking if you’re committed to the tour. Please also view our terms and conditions.

Pickup Locations & Additional Charges
– List of locations and charges here

What’s Expected of You:

Breweries are not nightclubs or your local pub so a different standard of behaviour is required. 

– Strictly no drugs 
– No drinking games
– Drinking on the way to the Valley and between venues is NOT permitted. 
– Keep it together. Venues reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone showing signs of intoxication.  

Ready to Book the Valley's Best Tour?

Pricing, availability and the ability to book can be found below but if you’ve got questions speak directly with our expert tour planner, Brendan or shoot him a message for a fast response.
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