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Our Tour FAQ’s

Wine Party Tours

Our Tour Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies are located on a page in the booking process (step 3 in the process).

2. Can we go in fancy dress?

Sometimes. As long as you’re dressed appropriately for a wine tour. It’s important you tell us this at the time of booking so that we can schedule venues that are ok with it.

3. Do you cater to vegans, vegetarians and other dietary requirements?

The restaurants we partner with do cater to people with these needs.


4. Can I bring kids?

You can. If they require a car seat you’ll need to supply this and also tell us at the time of booking in the notes section that you’re bringing one so that we supply an appropriate vehicle.


5. Can we drink on the bus?

– Drinking on the way to the Valley is STRICTLY not permitted unless prior approval is granted.

Drinking between venues is not permitted. If you need to drink between venues you have a drinking problem…LOL

– You may drink on the way home


6. Can we play our own music on the bus?

We’re called Wine Party Tours for a reason so yes! Bring a bluetooth speaker. Some of our vehicles have sound systems installed so best to ask us if one of those vehicles has been allocated.


7. Can we bring pets?

No. Service animals are the exception.


8. What wineries do you go to?

With over 150 wineries in the Hunter Valley there are plenty we work with regularly. Please not that we don’t discuss specific venues with you until we receive a deposit. Rest assured, we provide a bespoke service and will advise you on the venues that are most appropriate for the day you’re looking to have. You’re welcome to make suggestions.


9. Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

If the chair can be folded and stored, yes. You’ll need to let us know at the time of booking in the notes section so we can ensure there’s room for it.


10. Can we add more people? 

Yes, provided there are enough seats on the vehicle we’ve allocated.


11. Can we pay on the day?



12. What is the tour start time?

Depends on the tour. This information can be found on each of the tour pages.


13. One of the girls is pregnant. Can she come?

Of course she can! Pregnant women join our tours all the time. We just won’t charge her tasting fees.


14. How do we pay the tasting fees?

You don’t. We do. All of our tours are all-inclusive which saves you heaps of time on the day


15. When will we receive our itinerary?

The week of the tour unless you request it sooner.


16. Can you do multiple pickup/drop off locations?

If they’re directly on route to the Valley, yes. Deviations from the route can be time consuming and may incur additional charges.


17. Can we decorate the vehicle?

Generally, no. Balloons, banners etc have the probability to obstruct the driver’s view. Blu-tack, sticky tape and other adhesives leave residues that our drivers don’t want to clean off.


18. Can we eat on the bus?

As long as the food isn’t crumbly or messy. Cleaning fees apply if the vehicle isn’t left the way you boarded it.