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Wine & Good Time

good time
A value packed, tour of amazing Yarra venues! Everything you need for a fantastic & memorable day out. Tastings and lunch included in the price. Don’t pay a cent more on the day unless you want to bring home a few bottles. It’s hard not to!

Group Size:
4 to 24  guests

Tour Duration:
7 hours approx

Further down on page.

Best Suited To:

Wine lovers & sensible party groups. Just let us know what type of group you are and we’ll tailor your day to you! If you think you’ll be rowdy after lunch we suggest you swap a winery for a brewery or cocktail stop at the end of the day. 


  • Tastings at 4 boutique wineries
  • Your choice of lunch venue
  • Consult with our tour planner 
  • Fully customisable 


  • Vehicle & friendly driver
  • Pickup & return to your accommodation or house
  • Play your own music [BYO speaker]
  • Drink on the way home
  • We choose the venues
  • Everything arranged for you so all you need to do is get on the bus!

Lunch Options:

*All venues subject to availability

Fergusson Winery 
Vineyard and restaurant with rustic appeal serving contemporary Italian food. Outstanding, creative & fun!  Menu with 3 options – $41pp – $50pp & $59pp. See it


Steels Gate 
Australian & European inspired cuisine served by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff in a lovely, picturesque setting. Tour group menu with 2 options – 2 course $70pp and 3 course $85pp.  See it.


Quarters at Hubert  
Modern restaurant serving Australian & European inspired dishes designed to be shared. Includes pizzas, pastas and more.  Pay on the day. See it


Healesville Hotel 
High quality, great tasting pub food that will leave you satisfied. Pay on the day.


Choose Your Own Restaurant 
You can go wherever you like! Pay for your lunch on the day. We’ll make the booking for you.

Other Options:

What Kind of Day Would You Like To Have?
Would you prefer a chilled, classy day out or would you like more of a party vibe? Regardless of what you want, we know where to take you!

Chocolate Shop Stop
You have the option of stopping at the chocolate shop at the end of the day.

Cheese Platters / Cheese & Wine Pairing 
A selection of delicious cheeses & crackers – 1 x $30 box between 2-4 people. Cheese and wine pairing experiences are available for $25pp. 

Charcuterie  Boards
Add a plate of local meats, cheese & condiments to your day. 1 x $40 plate will feed between 2-4 people. A great way to start the day! 

Brewery or Pub Stop
Think you’ll be a bit tipsy for that 4th winery? Swap it for a brewery or pub stop at the end of the day and people can order whatever they like from the bar (minus $10pp)

4 Pillars Gin
Swap a winery for 4 Pillars Gin Tasting (+$5pp)
Hen’s and Buck’s not permitted, sorry. Their rules, not ours.

Cider Tasting
Swap a winery for a cider tasting (+$5pp)

Cocktail Stop
Swap a winery for a cocktail stop (+$10pp) 

Make a Suggestion 
Want to visit your favourite winery or maybe there’s one you’re dying to try? Whatever it is just let us know and We’ll try to fit it in for you

Reduce The Price By:

  • Swapping a winery for a brewery or pub stop (minus $10pp)
  • Dropping a winery & shortening the tour by 1 hour (minus $10pp)
(Upon choosing any of these options the price will not automatically reduce. We will do it manually upon receipt of the order).

Notes on Booking:

Pickup Time
The default first venue time is 10am. Your pickup time is determined by how long it takes to get from your pickup location to the first venue. If you’re 30 mins away from the valley your pickup time is 9:30am so you arrive at the first venue by 10am.

Number of Guests:
When you make the booking just choose the number of people you think will be attending. You are NOT locked into paying for that number if less people confirm but please note that less people can mean a higher per-person price.

Only $250 is required to book. Please understand we are a small business and your deposit is NOT refundable so only make a booking if you’re committed to the tour. Please also view our terms and conditions. 

A Message to Hen’s Groups & The More Exuberant
We endeavour to be considerate to our partner venues and their patrons. For this reason, if your group is a bit on the loud and exuberant side we invite you to drop a winery and replace with a brewery or pub stop at the end of the day. If you’re not sure, give us a call. 

No phallic paraphernalia or outrageous dress ups. Themed events are fine as long as everyone is dressed appropriately for a wine tour. This means no 80’s fluro getup.

Strictly no drugs. 


Pickup Locations & Additional Charges
Additional charges may apply for areas outside of Melbourne CBD or not directly on route to the Valley. Contact us for rate.

*Price may be slightly higher or lower for vehicles from Sydney, Central Coast and obscure locations. Phone or email us to confirm.

What Venues Will We Visit?
We’re more than happy to discuss specific venues after the $250 deposit is paid.


*Prices do not include lunch. 

Group of 4 $265 (per person)
Group of 5 $225 (per person)
Group of 6 $185 (per person)
Group of 7 $165 (per person)
Group of 8 $155 (per person)
Group of 9 $145 (per person)
Group from 10-13 $139 (per person)
Group from 14-15 $135 (per person)
Group from 16-17 $130 (per person)
Group from 18-19 $120 (per person)
Group from 20-24 $115 (per person)

Ready to Book the Valley's Best Tour?

Pricing, availability and the ability to book can be found above but if you’ve got questions speak directly with our expert tour planner, Brendan or shoot us a message for a fast response.
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