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2 Wineries 2 Breweries (Yarra)

good time
Start with wine, finish with beer and have lunch in between. Consider gin or cocktails. Something for everyone.

Group Size:
4 to 24 guests

Tour Duration:
7 hours approx

Pricing From:
Only $139pp

Best Suited To:

Party groups that have a mixture of beer drinkers and wine drinkers.


  • Tastings at 2 wineries 
  • Tastings at 2 breweries
  • Your choice of lunch venue
  • Consult with our tour planner
  • Customisable options


  • Vehicle & friendly driver
  • Pickup & return to your accommodation
  • Play your own music [BYO speaker]
  • Drink on the way home
  • Everything arranged for you so all you need to do is get on the bus!

Lunch Options:

*All venues subject to availability

Fergusson Winery 
Vineyard and restaurant with rustic appeal serving contemporary Italian food. Outstanding, creative & fun!  Menu with 3 options – $41pp – $50pp & $59pp. See it


Steels Gate 
Australian & European inspired cuisine served by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff in a lovely, picturesque setting. Tour group menu with 2 options – 2 course $70pp and 3 course $85pp.  See it.


Quarters at Hubert  
Modern restaurant serving Australian & European inspired dishes designed to be shared. Includes pizzas, pastas and more.  Pay on the day. See it


Healesville Hotel 
High quality, great tasting pub food that will leave you satisfied. Pay on the day.


Choose Your Own Restaurant 
You can go wherever you like! Pay for your lunch on the day. We’ll make the booking for you.


Other Options:

Swap Venues

  • Swap a venue for 4 Pillars Gin Distillery.
  • Swap a venue for a cocktail stop.
  • Swap a venue for the chocolaterie

Suggest Something
As all our tours are customisable so you’re welcome to make a suggestion and we’ll see if we can incorporate it into your day. 

Notes on Booking:

Pickup Time

The default first venue time is 10am. Your pickup time is determined by how long it takes to get from your pickup location to the first venue. If you’re 30 mins away from the Valley your pickup time is 9:30am so you arrive at the first venue by 10am.

Number of Guests:
When you make the booking just choose the number of people you think will be attending. You are NOT locked into paying for that number if less people confirm but please note that less people can mean a higher per-person price.

Pricing & How to Book:

  • First, contact us for a quote. Pricing depends on number of people, what venues you’re going to and who’s drinking what.
  • To book, simply pay $250 deposit via a link we send you and we’ll update your order with the remaining balance.

What’s Expected of You:

Breweries are not nightclubs or your local pub so a different standard of behaviour is required. 

– Strictly no drugs 
– No drinking games
– Drinking on the way to the Valley and between venues is NOT permitted however on the way home is fine!
– Keep it together. Venues reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone showing signs of intoxication. 

Buck’s Parties

While this tour is suitable for buck’s parties it is NOT suitable if you’re sinking 20 beers the night before, getting on the bag and not getting any sleep…lol.


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